Boosted Titanium Motor Pulley

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Our Boosted Board Titanium Motor Pulley replacement is available for the motors on any Boosted Board v2, v2 Dual+, v3 Plus, Stealth, Mini S, and Mini X. 

Titanium Motor Pulley replacement for Boosted Board motors. They are much stronger than the stock motor pulley.

If you would like us to do the replacement for you please follow the instructions listed below:
1. Select the option "In House Servicing" listed above. 
2. Remove motor(s) from your board.
3. Please give the motors a quick cleaning to remove any loose dirt and debris.
4. Wrap your motors in a soft material, such as bubble wrap, to protect them when they are being shipped to us.
5. Place a strip of masking tape on your motor(s), and write your name and order number on the tape.
6. Ship to the following address listed below -
    Adam Vosburgh
    1202 Dyar Road
    Seneca, South Carolina 29672
    United States
7. We highly recommend shipping your motor(s) in a USPS padded flat rate envelope. USPS supplies this packaging for free, and it is only $8 to ship this package to us from anywhere in the United States. 
8. International customers: Once we have completed the replacement, we will send you an invoice to cover return shipping costs. Once the invoice is paid, your motors will be returned to you.