Boosted 105's Shipping Updates

November 3rd, 2021: All orders are now shipping!
October 30th, 2021: GOOD NEWS!!! The Boosted 105’s will be arriving soon! They have FINALLY been picked up by UPS, meaning customs have been completely cleared and last stop is our location! They are going to arrive November 3rd according to UPS! We will ship them out the following day! 

October 27th, 2021: The Boosted 105's were flagged for another customs inspection on October 23rd. They were flagged for an inspection because other items in the shipment (not ours) were marked as sensitive, so this required the whole plane's shipment to be inspected. We expect this inspection to clear October 28th - October 30th. We will report back here as soon as it has been cleared. We are so sorry for the delays. This is so frustrating, we are sorry!
October 18th, 2021: The Boosted 105's have FINALLY cleared customs! At this point, we are now waiting for the boxes to be re-sealed, and the wheels will then be on their way to us!
At this time the wheels are in Los Angeles, California. We expect the wheels to be re-sealed within four days, and we expect shipping to take another 5-7 days. So, our best estimate for shipping at this time is expected to be between October 27th - October 29th.

Once the wheels have been picked up for shipping we will update this page right away! Thank you all so much for your patience. We are almost there.
October 11th, 2021: Hi everyone! I would like to begin this message by thanking everyone for their immense patience and support that you all have given us. We truly cannot thank you enough.
Unfortunately, the Boosted 105's have been delayed again. We are going to be completely upfront here so that everyone knows exactly what is going on and when you can expect them. So, the 105's were supposed to be arriving October 15th, but unfortunately the plane containing our wheels was subject to a random inspection once it arrived at the customs port.
So, here is where we are in the time-frame of shipping. The 105's are currently at the Los Angeles, California (USA) customs port. This random inspection is expected to take 7 days, therefore it should be complete by October 18th. Following this, the wheels will be handed over to UPS for shipping (which we anticipate will take two days), and finally the shipping to our location in Seneca, South Carolina (USA) is expected to take 7 days.
In total, we are expecting the wheels to arrive to us October 27th as long as no more delays impact this shipment. Since the wheels are in the United States, there should be no more delays that could cause the wheels to be late, so we are pretty confident the wheels will be arriving by this time. We will ship all order the next day, so we will plan to ship all order October 28th.
Thank you all so much for your continued patience, we truly cannot thank the community enough. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message us at any time. We are so sorry for the delays, and we cannot wait to get these long-anticipated wheels out to you guys!